Benslow Music –  online course 30/31st January – English & American Song

Benslow Music –  Spring Song Fest  April 13th – 15th

Benslow Music  –  Composer Workshop Day April 16th

Song Recital  St. Georges Church, Beckenham with Stephen Gutman piano. Saturday July 24th 11am

Song Recital Benslow Music –   Tuesday 10th August  8pm, with Stephen Gutman piano.

Jackdaws –  Musical Theatre Course  August 20th – 22nd with Stephen Dickinson piano

Benslow Music –   Sarah Leonard’s Summer School  August 9th – 13th.

Benslwow Music –   Musical Theatre Course  October 18th – 21st.

Benslow Music – English & American Song December  10th – 12th

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